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Come on in to the Fun Stuff page, where you can explore a variety of free on-screen and downloadable games and activities for the entire family. Treat yourself to an online game and give your mind a workout at the same time. Perfect for rainy days or any time you need some family-friendly fun, this section of the site is packed with wordles, origami, riddles, and more – all entirely free!

Books with Bonus Puzzles: Each book in the Quicksmiths series is filled with riddles, carefully woven into the plot. But that’s not all! Every book also includes an extra brainteaser and hidden object game for readers to enjoy. If you’re stuck, you can find a link to hints further down this page. All the riddles and puzzles in the books, along with those shared in this section of the website, are uniquely crafted by Loris Owen.

Find the Raisin: A Wordle-type game that will test your guessing skills. Updated regularly with new challenges.

Crosswords: Fun for all ages, these classic puzzles are perfect for a lazy weekend.

Anagrams: If you love letters, words and tidying up messy things, you’ll love anagrams.

Bonus puzzle hints: Stuck on the bonus puzzles in the Quicksmiths books? Get clues to help you. 

Flying squirrel gallery: Scroll through Pinky fan art and submit your own.

Origami: Step-by-step guides to create beautiful paper art … in the form of flying squirrels!

Word Searches: A relaxing way to pass a journey or get time away from the TV.

Riddles: They’re always easy when you know the answer!

Mowl gallery: Scroll through fan art and submit your own.

We hope you enjoy all this fun stuff, which is regularly updated by Loris with new activities.
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