Portrait Gallery

At Quicksmiths brilliance knows no bounds. Our esteemed professors hail from every corner of the globe, bringing their unique expertise in Strange Energy – extraordinary forces, yet undiscovered by the outside world. At Quicksmiths, students are guided by these visionary scholars to harness and explore these mysterious energies, embarking on a journey of awe-inspiring discovery and adventure. Meet the luminaries who are redefining the boundaries of science and reality.

But it’s not just the professors who shine – meet the dedicated staff who keep Quicksmiths running seamlessly. From bustling porters to skilled chefs and meticulous librarians, each highly knowledgeable in their duties, and harnessing the powers of Strange Energy in their everyday work. These unsung heroes nurture a harmonious refuge where students can test their abilities to the limit.

The exploits of Quicksmiths’ legendary geniuses still shine brightly in the memories of all who study and live here. Their incredible inventions and reality-defying adventures have resonated down through the centuries, and even today they continue to shape the world we live in.

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