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Teaching prompts

This versatile prompt book for teachers includes lesson materials, discussion ideas, research assignments, and activity suggestions, and offers opportunities for group, solo and partner work. 

This is not specific to any national curriculum but covers general aspects of multiple class subjects. To make life easy, this guide also comes with easy-to-spot subject icons for Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Science, Art, Music, Design & Technology, PSHE, Drama, Maths, History & Geography.


Loris giving a talk at Radstone Primary

Ready-made lesson plans

These four lessons were specially created by Impress Education for groups of around 200 students taking part in year 6 to 7 transition programmes for less confident readers and students who needed extra encouragement in English studies. 

They have also been used at summer camps with numerous participating schools. The slides include teacher reference notes for easy lesson management. Note: these are based on the UK school curriculum.



How To Say Professor Mo's Name

This fictional name means whispering, wanding island in te reo Māori, the Māori language. In Māori culture, names are very significant and can say a lot about person’s history and home.

Bonus classroom activities

Creative writing story starters: imaginative writing boosters to add zing to your lesson and nurture creativity.

Draw the mowl – take a look at the mowl gallery on this site for inspiration, or draw from your mind’s eye.

Timeyarn capsule: travel with Strange Energy, using threads that run through time, to capture events and experiences, and interact with past and future generations…

Draw a flying squirrel – take a look at the Pinky gallery on this site for inspiration, or draw from your mind’s eye.

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