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Find clues and answers on this page for the puzzles hidden inside the print and ebook Quicksmiths books.
Details for Myriad Mysteries will be coming soon.

The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith UK edition – Get the Picture

Figure out the ten-word mystery sentence, with the ten illustrations as your guide.

In the book are ten illustrations. Can you see what they all have in common?

Every single picture has one of these things.

That’s right – they all have picture frames! Now, what do the picture frames have in common?

Did you notice that all the picture frames have notches on the sides?

The notches are different in every illustration. There are notches on the left side and the right side of each frame. What might those numbers relate to? Remember we’re going to figure out a ten-word sentence.

Opposite each illustration is page of writing. What if the numbers of notches related to words on those pages?

The first word of the answer is ‘Strange’.

The number of notches on the left of each frame relates to the line on the page opposite. So if there are three notches, that means the word can be found on the third line of the page. The notches on the right of each frame relates to the word on that line. If there are eight notches, that means the eighth word. That’s how each frame gives you one word!

Strange to glimpse the mowl gently grabbing a sand bubble

The quickets could be hiding on any page of the book.

Some of the quickets look different from the others.

Have you checked the page numbers?

Have you checked the illustrations?

Have you checked the chapter headings?

What about the book cover?

Have you checked the text?

There are 21 quickets in total.

They can be found on these pages:

title page (inside Firefly logo)
publication page
page 20 (in the word questions)
page 27 (in the chapter heading)
page 43 (between paragraphs)
page 74 (at the bottom of the page)
page 106 (in Eartha’s signature)
page 116 (in the word Quickets)
page 128 (in the frame of the egg flower)
page 153 (at the bottom of the page)
page 161 (in the black parrot)
page 183 (in the Thoughtwaves symbol)
page 211 (in the chapter heading)
page 241 (in line 4)
page 294 (in the base of the globe)
page 312 (in the tooth of the skull)
page 317 (in the frame of the pirate ship)
page 329 (in the Timeyarn symbol)
page 352 (between paragraphs)
inside page (gold quicket)
back cover (gold quicket)

The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith UK edition – Find the Quickets

Can you spot all the sneaky quickets hiding in the book?

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