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Step right up, intrepid explorers of the literary kind!  If you enjoyed the Quicksmiths series and you’re on a new treasure hunt to find more books that teem with ingenious inventions, mind-melting riddles, musical wonderments, secret maps, or heroic pets, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to dive headfirst into your next tale where young heroes sail through dreamscapes, waltz with plot twists, and wrangle multiverses twistier than a bag of pretzels. Each of the recommendations in this section is a portal to the high seas of adventure, so dust off your book snorkels and dive in!

Books with inventions: The world of Quicksmiths is bursting with fantastical contraptions like the Human Remote, the Crazy Paving, Skimmies, Leela’s Dreambomber, Timmi’s Gravity Bracelet, and Professor Steampunk’s Door-in-a-bag. If you can’t get enough gadgetry, then open up your invention-spotters book and try out these other ingenious high-scorers.

Books with unusual musical instruments: If the eerie glockspiel, the empathic Heartsichord and the enigmatic Memoria Technica tickled the eardrums of your imagination, then you might fancy another sample of orchestral curiosities from middle grade and young adult fiction. This list should be music to your eyes.

Books with riddles: Everyone in Team Glowflyer eats riddles for breakfast, lunch, dinner and second dinner. If you’re anything like them, it’s going to be hard to feed that appetite! Take a peek at my recommended list of books with puzzles in the plot for when you’re craving something riddlesome.

Books about reading: Do you read until books become dreams and dreams become books? Do you wish the pages would blur with reality and adventures would leak into the real world? Take your pick from my recommended list of books with reading and let all your hopes and dreams come true!

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