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In a whimsical jungle of vocabulary, the Word Hunter embarks on their next word search adventure. Armed with a trusty magnifying glass, they uncover hidden specimens among lush foliage, sparkling streams, and mysterious ruins. Each discovery unlocks new realms of the imagination.

Welcome to the free word search page for kids, where you’ll find family-friendly puzzles made by children’s author Loris – perfect for solo entertainment. Some of these puzzles connect to the Quicksmiths series of science fantasy books, but you don’t have to have read the books to enjoy them. Just drag and highlight the word once you’ve found it. Remember, the answers might be back-to-front or upside-down!

Characters from Quicksmiths

Strange Energy




Science fiction


Quicksmiths Characters (Easy 10 mins)

Find all your favourite characters from Quicksmiths College of Strange Energy in this easy word search

Types of Energy (Difficult 10+ mins)

Recognise this word search? It’s in Chapter 1 of The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith. Not for the faint of brain!

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