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When Kip Bramley receives a mysterious golden coin from a beetle-shaped drone, he is whisked into the dazzling realm of Quicksmiths, and his ordinary life changes forever. Alongside his new friends and their quirky sidekicks, Kip must solve a series of 400-year-old riddles and unlock the secrets of arcane sciences that could save his family. But with dark forces closing in, they must stay one step ahead—or risk losing everything.

The puzzling challenges of The Mysterious Benedict Society meet the imaginative science fantasy of A Wrinkle in Time, with a splash of Big Hero 6 inventiveness.


Description of themes in the Quicksmiths middle grade fantasy series


Only ten places available for an in-person riddles workshop with Loris for kids aged 9+. Parents welcome to join in or browse the books.

We’ll learn a little bit about the first riddles in history, and talk about riddles in popular books. Try out a few techniques for using all five senses to make your own tricksy riddle. And make sure you bring your best ideas, because everyone will get a chance to share a riddle they’ve made themselves, or one of their favourites, with the group.

'A mind-blowing, puzzle-packed, epic adventure...

…such a fantastic book, packed with so many ideas… it’s hard to sum it up in one sentence!’

Kieran Larwood
Author of Podkin One-Ear and the Five Realms series, Freaks, Treekeepers and the Carnival of the lost series

'An incredibly inventive, fabulously funny book...

stuffed with likeable characters and a plot that will keep you guessing until the very last page. One of the best children’s fantasy books I’ve read so far this year. Do not miss it!’

Dan Walker
Author of Sky Thieves, Desert Thieves and The Light Hunters

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Book 1

The Ten Riddles

When Kip Bramley receives a cryptic invitation, delivered by a beetle-shaped drone that appears to be breathing, his world changes forever.

Soon he finds himself chasing riddles and solving puzzles set 400 years earlier by a mysterious genius. Kip, his new friends, and their furry sidekicks must stay one step ahead to find the Ark of Ideas. But dark forces are closing in and getting closer…

Deeply hilarious, highly intelligent… Children’s Books Ireland

An ideal choice for whole class reading readingzone.com

Book 2

The Myriad Mysteries

With the Ark of Ideas resisting even Professor Steampunk’s attempts to learn its secrets, the trail left by Renaissance genius Eartha Quicksmith has gone cold.

But then a dream discovery and a freak accident send Kip and Timmi hurtling on a dangerous quest through fantastical hidden worlds.

To survive these strange new realms, they must decipher new riddles, battle monsters and face old enemies. But can they escape the Myriad Pirates to complete Eartha’s mission, and can Albert and Leela help them get home safely again?

Our recommended Book of the Month…unlike any book I have read for some time…packed with inventions, teamwork, and gadgets that will have you scratching your head… Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

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Author Bio

Loris Owen likes mysteries, conundrums, puzzles, enigmas and synonyms. She roamed around the world a bit before moving to the Midlands where she runs a mowl sanctuary and spends her days hunting for interesting combinations of words. The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith is her first novel.

Listen to chapter 1 Ten Riddles

Audiobooks stocked at all major retailers – clean fantasy, diverse characters, middle grade and upper middle grade family entertainment for summer holidays … keep kids aged 9+ captivated on long journeys.

Myriad Mysteries trailer

Just when you thought multiverses couldn’t get any stranger! For fans of Wonderscape, The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, and Philiip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series.

Coming in early 2025!

A secret portal to the Natural History Museum, an observatory, an ancient ring and a very strange ocean. Kip and his crew set sail to continue Eartha’s quest and find out more about the mysterious Strange Elements ... with a little help from Incognita, the ingenious and big-hearted android. Exotic perils, creepy kidnappers and interdimensional despots stand in their way. Will Team Glowflyer find a way to save the world from the Grittleshanks' Smoulderstone mine, find the eyepiece of the Futurescope, and bring Kip’s mum safely home?

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From crazy professors with four arms to musclebound librarians and legendary Elizabethan geniuses, the characters of Quicksmiths will never stop surprising you…

What readers are saying

Jo Clarke
Jo Clarke
Librarian and author of The Travelling School Mysteries
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A real cinematic quality...

The strange energies, the remarkable inventions and the weird creatures that inhabit this school are wonderfully compelling… This is more than just a thrilling edge-of-your-seat adventure it’s about learning to believe in yourself and the power of friendships to become unstoppable collaborations even in the darkest of times.
Mrs Darlington
Mrs Darlington
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It will have you gripped until the very last page...

Wow, what a book this is! I was in a bit of a reading slump then this popped through the letterbox and rescued me! …the story is fast paced and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It certainly had me telling everyone about it – at work, home, anyone I spoke to was told about this fantastic book I was reading!
Toppsta reviewer
Toppsta reviewer
aged 9
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I’ve told all my friends...

I loved this book and hope I can read more Kip Bramley adventures in the future. Thank you Loris Owen for creating a new favourite book that I’ve told all my friends about!

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