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The competition is now closed, but you can find the answers to the bonus puzzles hidden in the books on the hints and answers page.

Let the puzzling begin!

Like puzzles? Then you’ll love The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith. It’s bursting with riddles that lead Kip Bramley and his friends on incredible adventures into the world of Quicksmiths and Strange Energy.

But that’s not all! Hidden within the book are two puzzles created specially for you to solve on your own or with friends. Scroll down to find out more about each puzzle, and see what prizes you can win.

Already think you know the answers? Go to submit your entry. And good luck!

Pssssst! Over here … it’s Professor Mo! If you get stuck, there are some hints (but only look if you really, REALLY have to).

Find the Quickets

The first bonus puzzle in Book 1 is a hidden-object game. Count up all the Quickets scattered throughout the book – you’ll need to be eagle-eyed to spot every single one, they’re extremely good at hiding!

Get the Picture

The second bonus puzzle in Book 1 requires observational and logic skills. Clues are hidden among the ten black-and-white illustrations inside the book and lead to a ten-word sentence from nearby pages.


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Past winners

Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to our winners: Ryland Coke (in the picture above) who won a voucher from Moon Lane Books & Toys and Liam James who won a flying squirrel onesie.

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