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School talks

Limited availability! Free 30-minute interactive sessions for inner city schools or schools in deprived areas. Please message me if your school is eligible.

Teaching materials

Find a handy 50-page teaching resource on the Quicksmiths website – with a focus on critical thinking and playful learning (thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England).

Puzzles & activities

Visit the Fun Stuff area of the Quicksmiths website – you’ll find riddles, origami videos, crosswords, word searches and more – all free and available to play online or download.

Teacher Testimonials

Tom Waterman, Morehall Primary School, Folkestone

“What a delight it was to receive a visit from Loris on World Book Day! The children at Morehall Primary School in Years 4, 5 and 6 were treated to an insight into the world of Kip and the mind of a truly child-centric author. Since Loris’ visit, children have been ‘chomping at the bit’ to begin reading or listening to The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith. We’re now sharing the book in episodes at the end of each day in Year 6 and the children are simply loving it!”

Mrs Hughes, Impress the Examiner, Various

“I chose Loris Owen’s ‘The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith’ in the Year 6 into 7 sessions because it’s engaging, funny and paints great characters and I know it will appeal to a wide variety of students and inspire them to be creative. It has been a delight to work with Loris, to learn more about her book, her inspiration and her writing process.”

Mrs Coleman, Westlodge School, Sidcup

“The children, myself and the Head Teacher thought your session was absolutely wonderful. Those who participated were so keen to encourage others to read and were inspired to continue writing after the session had finished.”

Visits & Talks

I love doing events (especially if I can wear my flying squirrel onesie) – so please get in touch! I have public liability insurance and am DBS checked for volunteer work. These sessions are highly interactive with oodles of sideways thinking, wordplay and giggles.

Workshops incorporate the following in varying degrees:

– creative learning that breaks down the walls between science and the arts

– giving children the freedom of thought that allows them to change their world for the better

– inspiring confidence through sharing ideas, group activities and building on existing knowledge

Sessions with riddles additionally encourage imaginative problem-solving in the form of Sideways Thinking (i.e. looking at puzzles and creativity in a different way).

Read on to find out more about the different sessions.

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Small Group Sessions

Sessions for 30 children or less.

45-minute writing masterclass – Creative Writing with Puzzles and Games 


  • Q&A
  • Creative writing activites based on puzzles and games, including chess, ‘it’, monopoly and your favourite video game

45-60 minute writing masterclass – How to write Riddles 


  • About Quicksmiths
  • A brief history of riddles
  • Q&A
  • Group and solo techniques for writing riddles
  • Prize for the best riddle

Talks & Creative Writing Masterclasses

Each session for more than 30 children is created around one of four themes:

  • Strange Inventions
  • Strange Energy and Real Science
  • Imaginary Pets
  • The Multiverse

Workshops on any of the themes can be tailored for Years 4, 5, 6 & 7. 

Example workshops

45-minute writing masterclass Fantastical Animals (Year 4)


  • Q&A
  • Fantastical Animals in books
  • Getting inspired by nature
  • Group and solo writing exercises using all our senses
  • Prize for the best made-up animal description / drawing

45-minute writing masterclass Strange Inventions (Year 5)


  • Q&A
  • My top methods for creative thinking
  • Group and solo writing exercises including brainstorming Strange Inventions, two fun and easy methods for creating a name for your Strange Invention, and a short creative writing exercise 
  • Prize for the best Strange Invention

45-minute writing masterclass Multiverses (Year 6)


  • Q&A
  • Creative writing techniques e.g. multiverse word bubbles
  • Group and solo writing exercises in your multiverse
  • Prize for the best Would You Rather

45-minute presentation session with desk-free activities The Real Science Behind Quicksmiths (Year 6/7)


  • Q&A
  • About Quicksmiths
  • Getting inspired by real science – brainwaves, multiverse theory, dark energy, wormholes and more

Assemblies and Larger Groups

Sideways Thinking

Tips and tricks for solving problems, keeping your mind flexible and finding new angles

Why Daydreaming is Good for You

Relaxed minds perform better

Imaginary Places

Escaping into invented worlds and imaginary journeys

Bookshop & Library Events


  • Riddles and puzzles handouts
  • Readings from the book
  • Signing
  • Paper plane flying squirrel demos
  • Draw your own squirls activities
  • Optional: giveaways

Usually I only charge for travel costs and giveaways – please get in touch with your dates.

Pupil Testimonials

Student, Gravesend Grammar

“Thanks Loris, it’s been brilliant fun! Time bananas!”

LB, Morehall Primary

“I think the Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith is an exciting book – even in the first chapter, there are lots of plot twists and lots of questions which need answering. I can’t wait to find out who sent the golden coin!”

MB, Morehall Primary

“I think it was really awesome to hear about a new book as I haven’t heard about a book that interests me in a long time and this one did.”

BM, Morehall Primary

“I love that you can solve the riddles inside the book and send them to Loris to win a prize.”

AH, Morehall Primary

“The video that introduces Loris’ story is entertaining; I like the way it was set out. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like books!”

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