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The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith by Loris Owen, middle grade children's bestseller

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Are you looking for something to get your class back into reading, while meeting your curriculum requirements? Based on fictionalised science, bursting with lifelore, and sprinkled with riddles and critical thinking, the Quicksmiths books bridge the gap between imaginative adventures and fun, educational topics. Multiple subjects are covered in the classroom resources download, including STEM, history, geography, and social studies.

Ideal for the classroom: Quicksmiths is a thrilling series that resonates with fans of Big Hero 6, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Gravity Falls, and more. It’s a great addition to bookshelves featuring clean fiction, science fantasy, riddle books, plot twists, lovable animals, and action adventure for kids aged 8 -13. Class reading suited to core readership ages of 9 -12.

“An ideal choice for whole class reading” – readingzone.com

Perfect for teaching: Designed for KS2 and early KS3 students, as well as US grade 5, and middle school grades 6 & 7, Quicksmiths is packed with suspense, laugh-out-loud moments, and well-pitched vocabulary. The books are suitable for strong readers aged 8 and 9 and upper middle grade students aged 10 and above.

“I chose Loris Owen’s ‘The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith’ in the Year 6 into 7 sessions because it’s engaging, funny and paints great characters and I know it will appeal to a wide variety of students and inspire them to be creative. It has been a delight to work with Loris, to learn more about her book, her inspiration and her writing process.” – Mrs Hughes, Impress the Examiner

An illustration of the ghostly pirate ship from the mysterious puzzle box in middle grade science fantasy book The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith
The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith middle grade science fantasy postcard for schools and libraries

Get in touch with Loris, using the details in the footer, to organise a dedicated postcard or poster for your class, or a signed bookplate for your library book.

Short online readings for your students are free. For more details and other options for workshops head over to the Visits and Talks page, where you can also contact Loris using the form.

Signed bookplates from Loris Owen author of middle grade science fantasy series Quicksmiths

Resources for educators: On this page and the links provided, you’ll find a wealth of resources to make integrating Quicksmiths into your class easy and effective. Explore lesson plans, engaging videos, free games and puzzles, classroom activities, and testimonials from other educators. If you’re looking for the next exciting book to inspire young readers, Loris’s book recommendations will help you find that just-right title to keep kids reading.

Themes: Themes include the challenges of having an unwell parent and a missing sibling, to be considered for students facing similar situations. Neurodiversity is thoughtfully approached in book 2, with recommendations in the author’s note endorsed by OCD-UK and OCD Action. 

 While there are tough moments and realistic life lessons found throughout the series, friendship and family always wins in the end and each book closes with a warm and comforting glow, and everyone safely home.

Clean fiction: The series is clean, with no strong language or romance. 

Diverse: Quicksmiths features a cast of characters of various nationalities and with many different abilities, as well as strong role models of different genders. 

Quicksmiths is more than just a book series; it’s an adventure that encourages grit, imagination, and the power of friendship. Dive into this epic journey with your students and discover your own strange energy.

The four friends from the Quicksmiths bestselling middle grade book series surrounded by strange energy

Classroom resources

To make life easy we’ve created a comprehensive classroom resource with chapter-by-chapter lesson materials, discussion prompts and activity suggestions. Neatly integrate all your classroom subjects into your reading time with prompts for Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Science, Art, Music, Design & Technology, PSHE, Drama, Maths, History & Geography.

Ready-made lesson plans are also available for ages 10-12.

All classroom materials are created and/or reviewed by teachers.

Complement your classes with fun activities, riddles and puzzles, to keep your students engaged and wanting more!

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Motu Kōmuhumuhu Kānekeneke means ‘whispering wandering island’ in Te reo Māori.

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