All Tangled Up


Over twenty Quicksmiths-themed anagrams for you to straighten out

Anagrams (with hints)

Even Professor Mo needs a little hint every now and then

Anagrams (with hints and answers)

The full cheat sheet (in case of emergency)

Tricks and tips

Each section in the anagram document has a combination of easy and difficult puzzles, starting with the shortest anagrams and working up to the longest.

Try reorganising the letters of the anagram in a random letter cloud. This sometimes helps you to see the words hidden inside.

You can also reorganise the letters in straight lines. If you don’t have any luck, try doing it again differently.

Another way to solve an anagram is to separate the consonants and vowels. Write the consonants down in a line or column and see if you can fit the vowels in between them to make words you recognise. 

Sometimes, looking away for a few moments and daydreaming can help your mind come back with a fresh approach.

If you get stuck, try writing down some names, inventions and places from The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith and see if you can recognise the same letters in any of the anagrams. (Remember that characters usually have a first and second name.)

If all else fails, don’t forget there’s a hint sheet!

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