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Were you born in the Year of the Riddle under a puzzling moon? Are you a seeker and a sideways thinker? Then you’ve come to the right place! Everything on this page is made from scratch by children’s author and enthusiastic puzzle-lover, Loris Owen (except of course for the riddles sent in by readers and fans, which are compiled in the ‘best of’ selection).

Scroll on to discover an original collection of kid-friendly videos, slides and downloads, perfect for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers who love books with riddles.

Riddle 1

Riddle 1

Riddle 1 clue

Riddle 1 answer

Riddle 2

Riddle 2

Riddle 2 clue

Riddle 2 answer

Scroll to the right of the panels below to get the answers.

Check back soon for more interactive riddles. Scroll down for riddle downloads.

Riddle Pack 1

Riddle pack 1

Original riddles written by Loris to try out on your own or with friends and family

Pack 1 answers

Are you sure you want the answers? Double sure?

Riddle Pack 2

Riddle pack 2

The next set of riddles for those who can’t get enough brain food!

Pack 2 answers

Only check the answers when you really, really, really have to!

Submitted by you!

Submitted by you!

Professor Mo’s favourite selection from Quicksmiths fans

Submitted by you! (with answers)

Brain on fire? Try these nice soothing answers…

Riddle Submission

Are you good at thinking sideways?

We all know Professor Mo loves a good riddle. If you have an original riddle to share, send it through using this form and he’ll see if he can solve it.
The very best ones will get taught in his Quixology class, and added to a special Quicksmiths download compilation for puzzlehounds.

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