The Big Five Strange Energies (and Aeon Light)

“Billions of years ago, our Universe changed in a way we are still trying to understand. It became born, if you will. As it took its first breath, time too began to uncurl, or at least time as we know it.”

Swapping his glittery spectacles for the red ones, the Professor carried on excitedly, as if he were only just discovering something for the first time himself.

“With this first breath came a nameless, shapeless force of unimaginable power. And that force cracked apart into hundreds and hundreds of energies. Some of the energies that were flung out you know very well; they would not seem like mysteries to you. Light. Heat. Microwaves. But there are many deeper and rarer energies. Strange Energies.”


‘Energy is matter and matter is energy and when energy takes a shortcut, so can we!’


‘imagine a river of Strange Energy that encircles the whole world, and stretches between planets…’


‘There are Skycrackle storms in the upper atmosphere … it’s a kind of Strange Energy plasma.’


‘Energy threads that run through time. They can stretch and fray. And make creases and knots and stitches.’

Aeon Light

‘Aeon Light is ultra strange and ultra-ultra mysterious’


‘all living things produce Thoughtwaves – even coral polyps and amoebas’

The Professor reached up and touched the “S” of “Strange” in the pearly words that hung above them. The giant letter began to spin around, sparking like a pinwheel. As he spoke again, these sparks rained down and left a warm tingle on Kip’s arms and face.

“People are like bulbs lighting up as all these hundreds of energies pass through us and around us. When we are born, we are close to our Universe. We experience the world as it truly is. That’s why babies always look as if they know something we don’t. Sadly, as we grow older, most of us lose this gift. But you and I, well, we’re lucky. We can still feel the Strange Energies.”

“Feel energy?” said Kip.

“We hear and see Strange Energies, of course. But we can also feel them like raindrops on our skin, or the beat of a drum in our chest. Oh, wait until you see what Quicksmiths can offer you. A life of Strange Energy shines so much brighter, Kip!”

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